About Us


California Sound Collective is a completely new and innovative kind of musical organization.  Read about our goals and mission.


California Sound Collective is a new kind of musical organization whose mission is to provide unique ways for musicians at various levels to perform and enjoy both classical and non-classical music together, and to introduce the Collective’s music to a wider audience.  The Collective is growing to become three performing groups:  A self-governing orchestra of outstanding Bay Area professional musicians, an excellent semi-professional orchestra (also self- governing), and an amateur ensemble coached by professional musicians that comes together to rehearse, learn about, perform, and enjoy a variety of styles of music.  The California Sound Collective will present all three ensembles in performance at an annual summer festival.  The goal is to create new and important musical connections in communities throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.  The Collective believes that with new ways to involve the community, music will become a vital part of everyday life for everyone.